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Professional Master’s Degree in Mathematics

The Professional Master’s Degree in Mathematics - PROFMAT - is a half in-person half distance course which is offered nationally and is made by a series of higher education institutions through the Open University of Brazil. It is coordinated by the Brazilian Mathematical Society.
PROFMAT aims at reaching mathematics teachers who work in basic education, especially in public schools, and who search for the development of their career with emphasis on a deep understanding of mathematical content that is relevant to their work. It is a large scale program that is intended to have a long-term substantial impact on the education of mathematics teachers throughout the national territory.
The objectives of PROFMAT are consistent with the statutory mission of SBM, which is to "Stimulate improvements in mathematics teaching at all levels”. In addition to this, these objectives also meet the requirements of LAW # 13.005, OF JUNE 25TH OF  2014 (National Plan for Education - PNE), which establishes the following: confer graduate degrees upon 50% (fifty percent) of basic education teachers, until the end of the last year of this PNE and allow all basic education professionals to have access to continuing education in their field of work, considering the needs, demands and contexts of the education systems.​

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