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Doctoral Degree in Biotechnology and Biodiversity

 The Doctoral Degree Program on Biotechnology and Biodiversity aims at developing professionals to work in the most varied fields of study regarding biotechnology and biodiversity. Its focus is to broaden the scientific, technical and cultural education of the graduates and allow them to originally and creatively contribute to the scientific and technological research field through innovation and highly qualified human resources. Furthermore, the development of this Program will facilitate the integration between the institutions of the states of the Central-Western region of Brazil through the participation of professors, advisors and doctoral students, as well as professionals from the production field who will make joint and rational effort in order to achieve success. In this context, the objective is to aggregate knowledge about regional biodiversity, aiming at developing processes, products and services which contribute to local bioindustry and to the sustainable development of the region. It is important to highlight that the study upon regional biodiversity for biotechnological purposes will be emphasized, as well as other projects which lead to the development of local bioindustry (agriculture and cattle raising, pharmaceutical industry, biofuels, etc). Another important fact to point out is that this Doctoral Program will contribute to local higher education institutions (IES) and governments in order to create favorable culture and environments for graduates’ entrepreneurship, mainly regarding patent registration and the creation of new businesses.
Lines of research:
● Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainability in the Central-Western Region of Brazil
● Bioeconomy and Conservation of Natural Resources
● Development of Biotechnological Products, Processes and Services

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