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Biological Sciences – Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences is located in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences of UFGD, where students can find most of the support they need related to their course – academic office, coordination, laboratories and the professors’ room. The course happens with Environment and Biotechnology Management courses, in which students choose the elective disciplines according to the chosen field of work – Environment and Biodiversity or Biotechnology and Production. Thirty seats are offered every year by Entrance Examination or by the Unified Selection System – SiSU. The course is articulated with other Faculties of UFGD in the development of programs, projects and actions regarding class education, research and community outreach. The curricular structure contains mandatory and elective disciplines, besides Supervised Internship and Final Paper, summing up to a total of 3.894 class hours. These disciplines are meant to give students a quality professional background education in order to make it possible for them to critically think and act as Biologists, in a world in which the environmental dimension has been increasingly gaining importance in every sector of society. Graduates from this course may work in private or public institutions, and they will also have solid knowledge that enables them to try to get an available seat in various graduate programs of related areas, in UFGD or in other higher education institutions in Brazil.

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